Trimaran of clear roof for multipurpose use

Overall length

8,60 m

Full sleeve

2.80 m

Weight (thread)

1.800 kg


15 persons (12+3)

Max draft 0.30 m

Material Vacuum infusion PRFV

Power max 400 CV

Power rec 1 x 300 / 2 x 150

Suitable with qualification

Full description

OLBAP TR8 SUP Paradise is a fiberglass trimaran specially designed and optimized for all types of nautical activities, with a totally clear deck that allows it to be adapted to the use required by the client.

With Design category B (60 miles) it has the maximum capacity for pleasure boats as it is homologated for 15 people (12 passengers + 3 crew), which makes it especially suitable for 6th list boats.

Manufactured in fiberglass by vacuum infusion, optimizing the strength-weight ratio, resulting in a boat of very tight weight with no possibility of future problems due to osmosis and maximum performance in terms of speed and fuel efficiency.

Some of the aspects that stand out and differentiate the OLBAP TR8 SUP Paradise from the rest of the boats destined to nautical activities are:

  • Unsurpassed stability thanks to its trimaran multihull design, which offers greater safety on board while providing a more pleasant and comfortable navigation (reduces indisposition and seasickness effects).
  • Inboard length (7.95 m) far superior to any of the RIB models on the market in the same length range.
  • Inboard beam (2.40 m) far superior to any of the RIB models on the market in the same segment.
  • High freeboard, which increases the feeling of safety for users during crossings and when stationary.
  • Minimal draft; allowing approaching and sailing in shallow waters
  • Spacious cockpit, which facilitates mobility and comfort of tasks on board
  • Double immersion platform, having two independent access platforms to the water, facilitates the immersion and ascent of users on both sides.
  • Maximum Homologation: it can carry 15 people (12 passengers + 3 crew members), the maximum capacity for pleasure boats
  • Customization: The organization of the deck can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

There is the possibility of installing twin outboard engines, 2×150 hp, opting in this case for a single central dive platform of greater width.


  • Manufactured in GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) by Vacuum Infusion.
  • 440 liters fuel tank integrated in the hull under deck
  • GRP benches for 12 passengers
  • GRP platforms (2 units) with stainless steel handrails
  • Aft skipper’s cabin with methacrylate windshields and windshields
  • GRP sundeck or GRP bow locker (to be chosen according to design)
  • Access hatches below deck (7 units)
  • Non-skid and self-bailing deck
  • Stainless steel balconies on starboard and port bow passageways
  • Stainless steel handrails all around the perimeter of the regalia
  • Ladder (1 pc) on platform
  • Stainless steel cleats (6 pcs.)
  • Stainless steel bow roller furling
  • Perimetral rubber belt around the perimeter of the boat
  • Complete electrical panel in console, watertight and with register
  • Glove box in skipper’s compartment
  • Navigation lights according to regulations
  • Automatic bilge pump (3 units)