Olbap 5 is conceived for those who love a totally open boat, with a central console and wide passageways all around the perimeter.

Overall length

4.95 m

Full sleeve

2.10 m

Weight (thread)

475 kg


C - 6pers.

Max draft 0.30 m

Material Vacuum infusion PRFV

Power max 100 CV

Power rec 60 CV

Suitable without qualification

Full description

The Olbap TR5 trimaran is conceived for those who love a completely open boat, with a central console and a wide passage around its perimeter.

With aggressive lines and defined and profiled shapes, the Olbap TR5 is the only trimaran on the market in the segment of lengths less than 5 meters, being the true reference in the charter sector WITHOUT TITULATION thanks to its stability and safety.

The console is the fundamental piece of this version, designed to house in a clear and simple way all the necessary instruments and to incorporate with the steering position stowage compartments inside.

This central piece is configured to have a seat facing forward, very spacious, functional and practicable inside for stowage of tools.

The seating requirements are completed with a large bench at the stern, which can be opened with access to the interior and the bow sundeck.

Equipped with outboard power, the stern geometry can accommodate one or two engines, from 40 to 100 hp, the recommended power being 60 hp.

For non-certificated charter options the maximum power is 15 hp.

Its trimaran configuration and high interior freeboard give it excellent stability, making the TR5 a versatile boat, ideal for fishing or family day cruising.

Its fully self-emptying deck without drainage valves below the waterline, offers the tranquility and guarantee of a water evacuation without the need for automatic bilge systems.

With its vacuum infusion manufacturing system, maximum resistance is achieved by eliminating the possibility of osmosis, while optimizing the final weight obtaining a minimum draft that allows you to navigate in shallow waters, or approach the shore.