Trimaran Open of 12 x 3.50 for 30 persons

Overall length

11.95 m

Full sleeve

5.30 m

Length of register

11,95 m

Sleeve of each hull

1,65 m

Max draft 0.90 m

Material GRP by vacuum infusion

Recommended power 2 x Intraborda

Fuel tank 800L (2 x 400 L)

Sleeve of each hull 1,65 m

Deck prop  2,10 m

Capacity 50 passengers (+ crew)

Full description

The DC40 catamaran is a passenger catamaran model (+ 12 passengers) designed for day charter (daycharter) that complies with all the restrictive technical specifications imposed by the DGMM for passenger vessels for list 2ª.

It is a CATAMARAN type vessel of 11.95 m length overall, 5.30 m beam, 2.10 m depth and inboard motorization, with WC and cockpit aft, with row seating or amphitheater seating (U-shaped).

This model allows the deck layout to be configured 100% according to the needs of the required use.

The CABIN version incorporates a forward cabin to replace the aft helm station, with the possibility of side passageways or central passageway.